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Pioneer Valley Transit Authority

Message from the Administrator

Mary MacInnesWelcome to the PVTA’s newly redesigned website. I hope you quickly find all the information you are seeking. I look forward to seeing any comments or suggestions on the website or any of the services PVTA provides.

As the Administrator for the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority, I am committed to ensuring the PVTA provides services that reach as many riders, and potential riders, as possible. My aim is to consistently and seamlessly provide high quality, fixed-route and ADA van-scheduled transportation services.

A most recent example is the new state-of-the-art “smart bus” computer systems being installed on PVTA buses. For PVTA passengers this means, improved on-time performance and service efficiency, reduced passenger wait time, enhanced on-board safety, improved communications and better response time to incidents and emergencies.

PVTA will be opening a new Transportation Center in the City of Holyoke, MA., at the end of September. We will maintain a customer service office with a ticket counter and a passenger waiting area. Holyoke residents and visitors will be able to wait for PVTA buses and other transportation in a comfortable and convenient location.

PVTA’s vision statement “To be the provider of premiere public transportation services, thereby empowering people and enriching communities in the Pioneer Valley,” isn’t just a plaque on the wall, but a working goal that is the driving force for what we do everyday. We strive to reach, listen to, and educate our riders while providing the most comprehensive services within our budgetary limitations.

The PVTA looks forward to the implementation of forward funding (receiving state funding at the beginning of the year), so we don’t have to pay interest on borrowings. Fortunately this funding approach was included in the recently passed Transportation Reform Bill.

It is my hope that in the future, Regional Transit Authority’s state funding will come from a dedicated revenue stream and one that is sufficient to provide existing service levels as well as new service for the Pioneer Valley.

Mary L. MacInnes
Administrator, Pioneer Valley Transit Authority