Alert Messages & Temporary Route Detours

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 1:07 pm

Active Alerts

R29 : Amherst/Holyoke via Rte. 116
B43 : Northampton/Hadley/Amherst
30 : North Amherst / Old Belchertown Rd
31 : Sunderland / South Amherst
33 : Puffers Pond/Shopper Shuttle
38 : MHC / HC / AC / UM
45 : Belchertown Center / UMass

Buses are bypassing the Pray St stop in both directions (due to road work). Catch buses at Amherst Post Office/Cowles Ln or Fearing St.

G2 : Carew-East Springfield / Belmont-Dwight Rd.

Due to construction at the entrance to Mercy Hospital, buses scheduled to pull in will be bypassing. The buses will stop at the exterior stops at Mercy Hospital.

38 : MHC / HC / AC / UM
39 : SC / HC / MHC

Due to construction, routes 38 and 39 will bypass the Blanchard Hall stop at Mount Holyoke College. Catch the bus at the Mary Woolley Hall or Stone Shelter stops.

B48 : Northampton/ Veterans Park/ HolyokeMall

Between 7:00AM and 6:00PM (Weekdays), buses will not service the flag stop on Pleasant St at Wright Ave until further notice due to roadwork.

Temporary Route Changes

R29 : Amherst/Holyoke via Rte. 116
TT : Tiger Trolley

Effective Monday August 1st, due to a construction project on the bays of the Holyoke Transportation Center, buses scheduled to service the Transportation Center will alternatively be servicing Veteran's Park.

35 : Campus Shuttle Southbound

The printed Route 35 schedules mistakenly show weekend/holiday service as starting at 5:03 pm. The buses actually start at 11:03 am. The online schedule is correct; see Rt 35 schedule

R41 : Northampton/Easthampton/HCC
R42 : Northampton/Williamsburg
B48 : Northampton/ Veterans Park/ HolyokeMall

Effective 09/12/16 the Northampton Lodging bus stop will relocate 100-feet Southbound due to construction and sidewalk closures at the current Northampton Lodging facility. This relocation is expected to last at least 1 year. The bus stop sign will be relocated to the new location.


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