Alert Messages & Temporary Route Detours

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 10:53 am

Active Alerts

G1 : Chicopee Center - Big Y / Sumner & Allen
G2 : Carew-East Springfield / Belmont-Dwight Rd.
X92 : Mid City Crosstown

Buses servicing Main Street will not stop between State Street and Union Street both directions due to construction

G5 : Dickinson-Jewish Home/Longmeadow/ SBT

Outbound buses are staying on Maple Street due to construction on Central and Pine. Inbound buses are using normal route.

X90 : Inner Crosstown

X90b effective Monday 6/20/16 will be detouring due to construction on Grattan St. To Holyoke: From Grattan St., Left McKinstry Ave, Right Meadow St. to regular route. From Holyoke: From Meadow St. Left McKinstry Ave., Right Grattan St. to regular route.

P21 : Holyoke/Springfield via Chicopee

P21 buses will be detouring part of Chicopee St. due to road work Effective 6/6/16. Buses to Holyoke from Chicopee st. Right Celestine, Left Meadow St. to Chicopee St. to regular route. Buses to Springfield from Chicopee st., Left to Meadow St., Right to Celestine, Left to Chicopee st. to regular route.

B43 : Northampton/Hadley/Amherst

Due to roadwork, the Middle Street (Westbound - to Northampton) bus stop may be temporarily relocated about 60-feet eastward during construction hours. Please look for the temporary bus stop sign, and use that location.

G1 : Chicopee Center - Big Y / Sumner & Allen

Expect Delays due to road construction on Center St. in Chicopee in the vicinity of West and Hampden st.

Temporary Route Changes

X90 : Inner Crosstown

X90b buses will be detouring around portions of Grattan St. due to road construction: X90b Outbound to Holyoke: Montgomery st. Rigth Columba, Right Grattan St. to regular route. X90b Inbound to Chicopee: Grattan St., Left Columba, Left Montgomery to regular route.

R29 : Amherst/Holyoke via Rte. 116
B43 : Northampton/Hadley/Amherst
30 : North Amherst / Old Belchertown Rd
31 : Sunderland / South Amherst
33 : Puffers Pond/Shopper Shuttle
36 : Olympia Drive/Atkins Farm
38 : MHC / HC / AC / UM
45 : Belchertown Center / UMass

Pray Street (out) stop is closed until further notice due to construction. Please use the Cowles Lane bus stop.

B7 : State St - Boston Rd/Walmart - Eastfield Mall

B7 will bypass the Sears Tire Entrance at the Eastfield Mall to service a temporary stop placed just past the Main Mall Entrance on Boston Rd. The bus will continue down Boston Rd. to enter the mall via the access road beyond the JC Penny Entrance. The bus will continue to the Market Place Main Stop and return to Springfield via regular routing.

B7 : State St - Boston Rd/Walmart - Eastfield Mall
B17 : Eastfield Mall via Worthington-Wilbraham Rd-Parker

The flag stop locations at the Eastfield Mall at the Sears Auto Center and The South side of the Mall by Rave Cinemas have been discontinued. To catch the bus at the Eastfield mall please wait at the main stop.

R14 : Feeding Hills/Springfield

The bus stop at Century Plaza Big Y has been discontinued. The buses will still pull into the plaza as normal, and service the bus stop by the dollar store.


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