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Pioneer Valley Transit Authority

Senior Information

Fixed Route Bus Information

A senior must be show a PVTA Senior ID card to the driver each bus ride to pay the reduced Senior fare. The cost of the ID card is $3.00 and can be purchased at the PVTA Customer Service Center. You must be 60 years or older to qualify as a senior.

Van Service

PVTA offers door-to-door, demand responsive accessible van service to seniors over the age of 60 throughout the PVTA's 24 member communities. Senior Service trips are provided, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, on a space available basis with priority given to certified ADA passengers in accordance with federal law.

There is no application process for Senior Service. Prospective passengers who are 60 years or older and live within any one of the 24 member communities must call the Reservation Office at (413) 739-7436 for their one-time registration upon booking their first trip. Registration cannot take place unless a trip is booked.

Read the Senior Van Service Quick Reference Guide