Senior Information

Fixed Route Bus Information

A senior must show a PVTA Senior ID card to the driver each bus ride to pay the reduced Senior fare. The cost of the ID card is $3.00 and can be purchased at the PVTA Customer Service Center. You must be 60 years or older to qualify as a senior. PVTA's Travel Training program offers free one-to-one lessons on how to properly and safely use the fixed route system.

Locations to obtain PVTA Senior ID card

Springfield PVTA Customer Service Center - Photo ID printed on-site
Union Station, 55 Frank B Murray St, Springfield, MA 01103
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 9:00am - 4:30pm

Holyoke PVTA Customer Service Center - Photo ID printed on-site
Holyoke Transportation Center, 206 Maple Street, Holyoke, MA 01040
Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat 9:00am - 4:30pm

Directions by Bus from Northampton Center to Springfield Customer Service Center:

  • B48 toward the Holyoke Transportation Center
  • Transfer to P21 to Union Station

- OR -

  • R41 toward the Holyoke Mall
  • Transfer to P20 to Springfield Union Station

Directions by Bus from Northampton Center to Holyoke Customer Service Center:

  • B48 toward the Holyoke Transportation Center
  • Exit the bus at the Holyoke Transportation Center and enter the Customer Service area

Directions by Bus from Northampton Center to Northampton Customer Service Center:

  • R41 toward HCC via Easthampton (exit at the Conz St. Dialysis Center)
  • R42 toward Northampton / Salvo House (exit at the Salvo House)

- OR -

  • R44 toward Northampton via King St. (Exit at the Salvo House)

Van Service

PVTA offers door-to-door demand-responsive accessible van service to seniors over the age of 60 throughout the PVTA's 24 member communities. Senior Service trips are provided, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, on a space available basis with priority given to certified ADA passengers in accordance with federal law.

There is no application process for Senior Service. Prospective passengers who are 60 years or older and live within any one of the 24 member communities must call the Reservation Office at (413) 739-7436 for their one-time registration upon booking their first trip. Registration cannot take place unless a trip is booked.

Riders who require assistance with their bags/parcels must call Hulmes only once to notify them that they are requesting the assistance which will be added to their client file. Drivers are only required to assist with up to 3 standard size carry-on bags with a combined weight not to exceed 25 lbs.

Effective August 1, 2016

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) will be making some modifications to the Senior Van Program.  These efforts are being made to sustain the provision of Senior Van Service to the residents in PVTA’s 24 member communities.  Below you will find the changes that will be implemented on August 1st of 2016.  Please note that there is no change being made to the fare, the fares will remain the same as of August 1st.  If you have follow-up questions please feel free to call PVTA at 413-781-7882.

PVTA Split Fleet Plan
PVTA will be separating the fleet to provide dedicated service to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) ridership and the senior van population.  The majority of the fleet will be dedicated to the movement of the ADA population to ensure that the PVTA can meet federally mandated service standards.  The ADA service is provided to individuals who have a mobility impairment that prevents them from accessing fixed route service, and have been through the in-person application process at the PVTA.  The remaining fleet will be provided to solely transport the senior (60+) population within the valley.  This split fleet plan will be implemented on August 1, 2016.

The PVTA operates Senior Van Service on a space-available basis as directed by the Advisory Board (which consists of representation from every PVTA member community).  There is no state or federal mandate to provide Senior Van Service.  Furthermore, there is no dedicated funding stream for this service.  The PVTA Advisory Board has made it clear that it is important to the region to sustain the Senior Van Service provided by the PVTA.  This plan is an effort to sustain this service to seniors within the Pioneer Valley.
The PVTA anticipates having 20 dedicated vans per service day available to the senior community.  These vans will be in operation from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  The earliest possible pick up is 8:00 AM, the latest drop off is at 4:30 PM. With the implementation of this plan, there are some changes that riders should be aware of:

  1. The new system may require some negotiation between Hulmes and the senior van rider for a particular trip.  If a trip from your area is not available at a specific time or day, you will be asked to schedule for another available time or day. 
  2. PVTA will request that you use the shopping locations closest to your municipality.  Using the shopping locations closer to your home address provides increased capacity for other seniors in the valley.  Using the Senior Van Service for a long distance shopping trip that could be satisfied with a local option may result in a denial of that trip.
  3. PVTA recognizes that medical appointments do not have the same flexibility.  PVTA highly recommends that you call in your medical trips 7 days in advance (the earliest time to book a trip).  This will provide a greater ability to guarantee your trip.  The less advanced notice the PVTA receives before your appointment, the more difficult it is for PVTA to accommodate your trip.
  4. Senior van riders will no longer have standing orders or subscription service. These are trips for riders who go to the same place at the same time every week.  Due to the need to increase efficiency and service availability, PVTA senior riders will be required to call in all trips.
  5. To book your rides you will continue to call Hulmes Transportation at 413-739-7436.  Once you have called in you will be asked to press “3” to book a senior van trip.  PVTA will send out a reminder through robo calls to all riders, and will be posted on all vans.  This dedicated phone line will provide direct access for senior riders to book their trips.
  6. During the reservations process you will be asked the purpose of your trip (e.g. medical, shopping, etc.).  It is important for PVTA to understand the purpose of trips in order to more effectively meet regional trip demand.

Severe Weather Private Residence Notice

Driveways and sidewalks must be cleared of snow and/or ice if driver is required to provide door to door assistance or shopping bag assistance.  Drivers are not required to provide assistance if these areas are not properly cleared.  This policy is used to protect the safety of both the passenger and the driver.