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June 1, 2024 through August 31, 2024
Easthampton Cultural Chaos Detour Information
Saturday, June 8th from 10am to 6pm

Due to the Easthampton Cultural Chaos Art Festival on Saturday June 8, 2024, service to Easthampton on Union St from Main St to Cottage St and Cottage from Union and Clark St has been discontinued. No vehicles will be allowed to travel through those streets in Easthampton from 10:00am to 6:00pm. As a result, detours will be in effect for the R41 for the duration of the event.


Due to road conditions on Union St and Cottage St being closed for Cultural Chaos, the R41 will detour using the Pleasant/ Main St roundabout and travel Pleasant, Ferry, East & Clark streets.

Riders, please catch the R41 at the temporary bus stops on Pleasant Street.


Northampton to Holyoke via Easthampton: After departing the Easthampton Senior Center-Outbound bus stop, the R41 will travel using Union St, Liberty St, Adams St, Maple St, Chapel St to Holyoke St (Route 141)

Holyoke to Northampton via Easthampton: After departing Jarvis Ave in Holyoke, the R41 will travel using Holyoke St, Chapel St, Maple St, Adams St, Liberty St to Union St.

Stops Not Serviced during the event
  • Stop on Main St; Town Hall
  • Stops on Union Street; Senior Center, Dollar Tree (outbound), 711 (inbound), Intersection of Union and Cottage St (outbound/inbound)
  •  Stops on Cottage Street (outbound/inbound).
Northampton Area Updates
Effective Sunday, May 19th:
  • R44 will service Meadow Street not Pine Street in Florence after the following Florence Heights times:
    SAT: 7:56am; 11:56am; & 3:56PM
    SUN 1:36PM.
  • B48: Service on weekdays increases to every 30-minutes between 10am and 5pm.
Effective Sunday, June 2nd:
  • R41/R42: Service now operates on Sundays at 60-minute frequency from 7am to 7pm. This schedule is the same as the Saturday schedule.
  • R44: Service on Saturdays and Sundays increases to every 60-minutes. Buses run on Saturdays from 7:10am to 6:43pm and on Sundays from 10:55am to 5:30pm.
Northampton Area Transit Summer Schedule Information
  • Route 39E will operates no service effective May 11th for the rest of the summer.
  • B43 will operate the No-School Schedule effective May 19th.
Springfield Area Transit Summer Schedule Information
  • WSU Shuttle operates no service effective May 9th. Please use R10 for service to Westfield State University.
  • P11 operates no service effective May 10th. Please use B23 or R41 for service to Holyoke Community College.
NOHO Shuttle Information

The NOHO Shuttle service, a pilot project, replaces the Survival Center Shuttle. The NOHO Senior Shuttle service is effective May 1, 2024.

  • The NOHO Shuttle operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and provides door to door service throughout Northampton, Florence and Leeds.
  • It is open to all Northampton residents regardless of disability status or age.
  • Same day booking possible with 2-hour advance notice (subject to availability) .
  • Fares are as follows
    • $1.50 regular fare.
    • $0.75 fare with a valid PVTA E&D ID.
    • Transfers to fixed route $0.25.
  • To book trips call 413-739-7436 advance booking is accepted 1-7 days in advance.
UMass Transit Summer Service Information
Effective Saturday, 5/17
30, 31 Reduced Service
33, 36 Full Service
34, 35, 38 No Service
45, 46 Reduced Service

Click here to view a PDF of the Service Changes.

Schedule Updates Effective Sunday, March 24, 2024
Springfield Area Routes
Route Details Schedule
G1 On Saturdays and Sundays, trips will alternate between Bicentennial Hwy and Canon Circle, like on weekdays. The southern end-of-line and layover location will be moved to Five Town Plaza to match weekdays. G1
B6 On Sundays, trips will alternate between the Pasco Rd variation and the regular variation. B6
B7 On weekdays, service will increase to 15-minute frequency between roughly the hours of 9am and 4pm. B7
R10 On Saturdays, service will start earlier and end later, with the first departure from Union Station at 6am and the last departure from Westfield State University at 9:50pm. R10
P21E On weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, service will increase to 30-minute frequency. P21E
G73E On weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, service will increase to 30-minute frequency, and buses will depart from Bay 10 at Union Station, moving from Bay 9. Also, on weekdays only, service will start earlier, with the first departure from Union Station at 6am. G73E
X90 The northern section of the route (between Holyoke and Chicopee Big Y) will have new route numbers. The X90A (Holyoke-Chicopee via Montcalm) will become G19, and the X90B (Holyoke-Chicopee via Grattan) will become R22. There are no changes to departure times. X90 is unchanged between East Longmeadow Big Y and Chicopee Big Y.


X92 On weekdays, service will increase to 45-minute frequency. X92
UMass Area Transit Schedule Updates
Route Details Schedule
Rt 34
  • Buses are being added to Route 34 on weekday afternoons and evenings. Effective Monday March 25th, 2024, it will run every 25 minutes until 6:27 pm, and every 45 minutes until 8:22 pm.
  • Morning Route 34 service remains the same (buses every 20-25 minutes).
  • Summer service, during which Route 34 does not operate, begins May 18th, 2024.
Rt 34
B79 Service Updates
Notice: Until further notice, vehicles providing service on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday may use vans.
The B79 is operating its regular schedule and may utilize vans on some routes when necessary.
Notice: Click here to see the B79 Elderly and Disabled fares.
Please note that B79 evening trips on Friday and Sunday are often overcrowded.  Riders are advised to travel earlier in the day if possible.
Please note that the Worcester Union Station Bus Stop is located at the corner of Franklin and Harding Streets, behind the Union Station Garage.
Read the B79 schedule.
Click here to view all Amherst-Worcester Intercity stops.

Springfield & Northampton Area Schedule Updates

Click here to view a message regarding the Schedule Updates for Springfield and Northampton that are ongoing due to the national staffing shortage.