PVTA Information Page

UMass Commencement Detours

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019
11:30 am – 8:00 PM

Route Detour
R29 Regular route to the Amherst Center Roundabout, then back to Amherst Center
38 Terminates at Amherst College
B43 - Local Route 9 between Hampshire Mall and Amherst College
B43 - Express Route 9 to the Amherst Center Roundabout, then Amherst College to Route 9

Stops Not Serviced:

  • Fearing Street 
  • Haigis Mall
  • Southwest
  • UMass Campus
  • UMass Visitor Center
  • University Drive - All Stops
  • WFCR

Stops Serviced by B43 Express & R29 Trips Only:

  • Amherst Center
  • Amherst Post Office
  • Cowles Lane
  • Ray Street

Please use the posted Bus Stop at the following location: B43: On Route 9 Westbound in front of the Auto Zone.